Fear of Losing

It could be very good for you. Let me explain by narrating a weird (and there is a reason, I call it weird) dream I had last night.

My wife was leaving me (reason unknown at least in the dream ;)) and I was trying everything possible to stop her. Tears were rolling down our eyes and it felt that both of us were living pain in whatever decisions we were taking/facing. I hanged on to the dream (in spite of the urge to get relief in the true reality) to see if I could get to the reason that was causing this pain to us but that did not help.

Now some context – my wife and I have been happily married and are still crazily in love with each other. But the moment I came out of the dream, I curled up to my wife and whispered ‘I love you a lot’ as slowly and deeply I could. It also set off a series of thoughts on how my life would change if she wasn’t with me.

The fear of losing her to anything will make me love her more, respect her more, hear her more and more importantly let her be her more.

Side Note: There is a reason I used ‘could’ in the first sentence. If you are losing your sleep (and dreams) for the wrong person/thing, its a start to a downturn.

Convince your Mom

“Mom, I have nothing in my hand (read bank account) but I have this idea that I really love working on and would love to start off on it. I am not sure if its going to be successful, not sure if I am going to make any money out of it, but this is what will allow me to have a content sleep after a tiring day. I might have to survive just on bread, but I am going to be really happy working on it.” 

How will most Indian moms react?

– Shocked at the lack of responsibility
– Dismay at the intelligence after the money spent on her kids schooling
– Worried and tensed about her child not choosing to settle in life
– and more and more reactions that we might have faced. 

But if we can’t convince our Mom who raised us and knows us more than we do, what conviction are we bringing to the table?

Side Note: Is it really tough to convince your Mom or are you making this an alibi to your fear of failure?

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