Happy friendship Day

I am sorry, this post is not celebrating Friendship Day.

I’ve never really understood the reason of celebrating friendship on a specific day or valentine’s on a specific day. It made no sense to me in celebrating a Mother’s Day or a Father’s Day and many other such days which we cluelessly first copied from the West and then tried to justify it. To me, these are days that you should celebrate every day.

What we need, if we do need new days to celebrate, are:
– Leadership Day
– Big Upload Day
– Original Ideas Day
– ‘Bring a Change’ Day
– Optimism Day
– ‘Don’t Give In’ Day
– Anti-Piracy Day
– No Screaming Day

That’s how my list would look. What would your’s be? Would love to look at your inspirations.

Side Note: Let’s start and celebrate days that matter (to you and to the world around you).

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