Religion over Country?

I don’t know if I am the only one who noticed it this Thursday when India was celebrating its 73rd Independence Day. I hardly got any individual messages or calls wishing me ‘Happy Independence Day.’ I wouldn’t have been harsh on this, if people at least treated 15th August as a festival (because I do get calls, individual messages and Whatsapp messages for Pongal, Diwali, Eid, Christamas and even for Onam).

“Instead, I believe that we treat Independence Day as a holiday – just like a Saturday or a Sunday but wishing it doesn’t come on the weekend.”

I am no historian or a hypocrite secular politician to talk to you about India, it’s history, it’s pride and how we need to act (not be) Indian. But the time ‘to really be’ is now more than ever before and it isn’t difficult. One small step makes all the difference. A step as small as calling your close ones and wishing them ‘Happy Independence Day.’ A step as small as buying sweets from the ‘mithai shop’ for Independence Day like you do for Diwali or Eid or Christmas or did this time around for Raksha Bandhan.

Side Note: The first step to change is to acknowledge the shortcomings. Ignore at your risk.

It’s called Freedom

To do what you really want.

To do what brings smile not to just your face, but to people whom you don’t even know.

To change yourself, one bit every day.

To embrace failure as a learning.

To let go your ego and accept a kick on your butt from someone younger to you.

To breathe harmony and peace in every act. 

To show that being together is in reaching a common goal.

Side Note: What we understand about freedom today, is at times, bigoted. Freedom is not doing what you like, its about having the courage to do what matters others.

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