Good time to Die

Yes, you’ve lost everything and have lost everyone; is today a good day to die?

Your beliefs and values have been shattered and your redemption acts haven’t saved lives; is today a good day to die?

Your relations are becoming memories and your emotions are becoming weak; is today a good day to die?

You are forced to take the blame and you are forcing yourself to pass it on; is today a good day to die?

Words that had no time to be spoken yesterday are finding no takers today; is today a good day to die?

Death has lost its significance and dignity as right to live turned into buffoonery; is today then a good day to die?

Side Note: I am dead every minute when I have lost hope; when I have lost myself.

Say it more Often

Lovely is a lovely word that should be used more often.

from All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

Last night I called on an acquaintance to whom I had last spoken to maybe an year back. I was just thinking of him earlier in the day and dropped him a message saying I would like to catch up.

He called later in the night and we were 3 minutes into our talking when he said, was there anything specific I wanted to talk about. He was teary eyed when I told him I just called to ask ‘How are you? Nothing more, nothing less.’ Not only was he touched (given the unprecedentedly tough times) but he did the same to someone else.

Just looking at his reaction (and following action), it made me ask the question we find difficult to answer. Why have we stopped doing it or why aren’t we doing it more often?

Side Note: Is it difficult to meaningfully say:
I love you
You are awesome
Thanks for being there
Call me if you need to talk
You did a great job, etc.

Earth does a Detox

Right from my 8 year old son to the world famous Greta to a lot of people like me who live in the illusion of being climate activists have been talking and at times walking the talk of protecting the planet ‘Earth.’ Little do we know that we were being arrogant (and/or foolish to say the least) to think that we humans can protect earth.

Earth can play ‘Thanos’ at its will.”

Clearly, earth wasn’t very amused with our efforts. With not much of an impact, planet earth decided to turn a climate activist itself. If anything Covid-19 was its way of proving that our actions determine our fate not earth’s.

Planet earth is sorted.”

Side Note: For a long time now, we have been selfish enough to not worry about anyone else but us. The change has to happen for the same selfish reasons with survival being the top one.

Let’s talk H2H

That’s the new buzz word and its just old wine in a new bottle. But its more important than ever before that businesses stop talking B2B and B2C and start thinking Human 2 Human (H2H).

Take a step back on all the decisions that you are about to take. Put the excels aside and put on a human lens. Will the outcome of your decision paste a smile on the face of the person who is going to be most impacted by it?

Don’t think long term all the time. Human’s don’t. If they did, our planet would have been better today.

Side Note: The time has come when we start talking acting H2H.

Earth is Dying…

…and you have two options:

  1. Try and save it, or
  2. Travel it (at speed) at length and breadth before it is gone.

Side Note: The choice you make is personal but the outcome of it might not be.

Earth needs You

…not as a marketer

…not as a salesman of the year

…not as an entrepreneur of the next unicorn

…not as a consultant fixing the leaks

…not as a promoter increasing the stock price, but as a human first.

Side Note: No matter what role you are in, if you aren’t thinking planet earth first, remember the doomsday clock is ticking.


Don’t blame Ego

So, I asked my ego, “Am I not right, good and just; shouldn’t I command my space and power.” My ego replied, “Perhaps you are and perhaps you should, but are you the only one?” 

It beats me beyond just surprise and despair when I see people around me who are bigger than me by age (more than by height and grey hair) viciously licking their egos to get back at you or never understanding the true meaning of letting go.

I walked down the memory lane to see why I was different. I wasn’t any different say 10 years ago. As I grew and met more people (thankfully a lot of interesting folks) I was humbled. I realised that I am but a mere speck in this world. Even when I shrunk my ecosystem to my family, friends and acquaintances, I personally had no chance, let alone my ego.

Side Note: There are more people out there are who are silently going about creating an impact (and positive one). If you can’t create one, don’t comment, specifically on others’ actions. 

Doubt is good But…

..we doubt love.

..we doubt honesty.

..we doubt loyalty.

..we doubt the existence of good in humanity.

Interestingly, we do not doubt the opposites.

Side Note: Doubt your disbelief that people are good, that good will prevail and see how good doubt(ing) is.

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