Blame: own It

blame1We have left our happiness and fulfilled life (professional and personal) to external factors that surround us. So when things go wrong, you know you are not to be blamed or even worse, blame circumstances. We do this inspite of knowing that these factors are not in our control.

We might feel it gives us some comfort in blaming things around us for our unhappiness, but we are gravely wrong. You are only breeding torture that will torment you at a higher degree soon.

When you do not own the blame, you don’t try to fix things.

You might be unhappy about a re-org, or about your team being unaligned to a goal, or your family’s indifference to your emotions and so on. The easiest thing to do is ‘blame them.’ But, I will be surprised if you tell me that puts you in peace with yourself.

Side Note: What keeps you moving, learning and growing are the imperfections and your acknowledgement of them in you and working to fix them. Blame has never helped anything or anyone to move forward unless we took it upon ourselves.

Nunca te Rindas

nunca-nunca-te-rindasI’m a marathoner and love running. Couple of months back, I had some serious injuries and my physiotherapist asked me to hang my boots and look at alternatives like yoga or swimming. Nothing against the alternatives but they don’t come close to giving me the high that running does.

I must have been visibly affected by this as my daughter came up to me and said ‘nunca te rindas!’ Hearing these words for the first time, I asked her what she meant. She sweetly replied, “I kept saying this to myself when I was competing with higher belts at the Junior Karate Competition, Papa. It means ‘never give up’ in Spanish.”

Riya and I tried learning Spanish an year ago and gave up (at least I did). Apparently, my little one has been at it with the DuoLingo app. For being a Dad of a 3rd grade student who is competing at school and state level in Wado Kai Karate, Skating and Swimming, continues to get trained in Western Vocals and Keyboard and finds time for her interest of learning a new language, I had do better than hanging my boots.

‘Nunca, nunca, nunca te rindas.’

Side Note: I have started with a 3 km walk everyday and it hurts. But with a little help from my physio and a lot of help from my little one’s words, I am looking forward to my next marathon this year.

Stop being a Rat

Look around you and you will see everyone is in a rat race.

In fact, that’s what you were in yesterday, you are in today and if you don’t stop, you will be in tomorrow.

Side Note: Even if you win the race, remember you are only a best rat.

Earth is Dying…

…and you have two options:

  1. Try and save it, or
  2. Travel it (at speed) at length and breadth before it is gone.

Side Note: The choice you make is personal but the outcome of it might not be.

Earth needs You

…not as a marketer

…not as a salesman of the year

…not as an entrepreneur of the next unicorn

…not as a consultant fixing the leaks

…not as a promoter increasing the stock price, but as a human first.

Side Note: No matter what role you are in, if you aren’t thinking planet earth first, remember the doomsday clock is ticking.


Ignorance trumps Knowledge

Science is not about knowledge, it is about ignorance.

I woke up to this profound thought and realized just how true it is for human excellence at every levels.

In the current age, where disruption is becoming the norm, experience is not about the knowledge you gained, but about your realization of how ignorant you are.

The next big idea, the next big disruption, the next best product, the next best campaign will be born out of an individual’s ignorance than the knowledge or experience.

Side Note: I’m a digital marketer at the core and while its more science than art, it is true that my next best campaign will not be based on what I learnt, but on what I am going to learn.

Let’s fathom This

We give more than we take.

We do more than we say.

We solve more than we complain.

We smile more than we frown.

We make more peace than we shout.

We connect more than we ignore.

We persevere more than we quit.

We thank more than we apologise.

We unite more than we divide.

We inspire more than we dissuade.

We live more than we survive.

Side Note: There’s nothing new here except that we invariably end up doing the opposite. Think about it, that’s not new either.

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