Built to Complexity

If you’ve ever said ‘Why do we need a complex procedure for such a simple task/job,’ then you are not alone. Lets look at some common issues that we are confronted with in our daily lives.

What process/procedure do you want to come up with to keep your customers happy?
Operations Head: We have a state of art technology built in to our IVR to help the customer get the right solution to their problems/issues?
General Reaction: It takes forever to talk to someone who is human.

Why is your website facing issues?
Technology Head: We ensure that everything that is pushed on to the live server is thoroughly tested. We follow a set protocol to ensure that this is seamless, but obviously you might see some outages.
General Reaction: Even a minor tweak to something glaringly wrong takes eons to be updated on the site.

Why are your marketing promotions so confusing?
Marketing Head: We ensure that all the parties involved in a promotion are safeguarded against any fraud chances. Conditions Apply is just one way to ensure that the rightful people benefit.
General Reaction: Your conditions ensure that no one except you benefit.

What about the flak that you are receiving for your logistics being weak?
Logistics Head: We pick the best courier and logistics providers available. Unforuntately, for factors beyond our control, we do see a small percentage of logistics and delivery issues that we are aware of and continuously working to fix them up.
General Reaction: I want my delivery done in time you promised, not the tracking number that sits in my Inbox for ages. 

I had earlier made a post that asked one simple question ‘Why is it so difficult to make things easy?’  

Side Note: Keeping things simple in all the above cases is not difficult. It definitely does not fall under ‘easier-said-than-done’ category. Its purely an intent issue. 

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