Numbers vs People

Spend 6 minutes on this video (its in an Indian language – Hindi), think about it and action it for your team, business, and life. The  crux (for people who are short on time) is from 2:04 secs to 2:48 secs.

Companies who understood this and actioned it continue to be discussed as case studies.


Side Note: Companies that have ignored it are also discussed as case studies (for obvious reasons).


Not being a Protagonist

Ever wondered about being not being a protagonist of the world that you create?

Ever wondered initiating a change of which you might not be a catalyst?

You create, but you are not the creator. You are just a part of the creation.

Transform this mystic feeling to your own start-up. Especially, if you think or feel that there is someone better who can bring the magic to your world.

Passion does not necessarily include leadership quality. However, it should allow you to step aside and bring in that leader who will take your passion to the next level.

Side Note: You need a heart to do this. A strong one at that.

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