Are we Social?


Does an emoticon smiley carry the same emotion?

Does reading a message in a social network equals to a human conversation?

We prefer working from home (WFH) to coming to work.

We prefer Whatsapp/Facebook to calling someone and wishing him Happy birthday (and I am not even talking about surprising them by ending up at their door at 12 here. Soon this might be a taboo).

We are increasingly getting comfortable being in silos. (from joint family to nuclear family to personal bedroom to personal space).

It’s a trend that is not just prevalent but growing at a rapid pace. I am no expert to say if this is good or bad, but I do feel it’s disturbing.

Side Note: No great good has come from minions living in silos. Share a smile, shed a tear, wish on a shooting star or just give a hug to each other.

Networks should enable a relationship. They cannot be the base of it.

Meet more People

As a marketer who have been immensely benefited with various interactions, this is my biggest recommendation, ‘Meet more People.’

And be candid about things that you don’t know. ‘I don’t know’ is such a powerful tool and there’s a wealth of knowledge in waiting when you take this approach.

Side Note: Be prudent with your deductions from these meetings.

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