What is tripwire Marketing?

Something that caught my attention this week was Tripwire marketing and like many of you, any new process/framework being discussed in Internet marketing circles gets me excited.

So what’s Tripwire Marketing?
It is a simple 3 step approach that is centered around the intended customer behavior.

Step 1: Defining or modeling the desired customer behavior at your store (online or offline). Your content on the website or off the website leads people to explore your products on your website.
Step 2: Identifying any deviations from this behavior. For example, people do not click through the article or the social post you put up to lead them to your products page.
Step 3: Focusing on the deviations and channeling your marketing money and efforts in correcting these deviations. Dropping in a coupon or a testimonial in the article or a strong call to action in your social post that entices the customer to click through to your website or product pages.

It is very likely to confuse this framework to tripwire offer which is the process of using an offer that can generate revenues to offset the overall cost of acquiring your customer.

Side Note: Tripwire marketing helps you to reduce the subsidy cost of marketing (the cost of marketing to everyone especially to the ones who will convert anyway) making it more effective.

My favorite example of this subsidy cost is the Adwords spends on branded keywords. Leave your comments if you agree to disagree!

Data with a Soul

There is so much of data around data these days. World is also welcoming the data becoming bigger (pun intended).

What does it really do to us? What sense do we make of it? How and why should we even be looking at it?

There are a lot theories around how you go about looking, analyzing and acting on the data, but as a marketer and to an extent a brand story teller, I think the need of the hour is data having a soul. What does it even mean (must be the obvious question)?

It’s taking a step back to look at every possible way to make sense of these numbers glaring at you to tell you a story beyond the normal insights. For example, do you look beyond the bounce rate to see why do¬†half of your audience not like what you’ve put up. It’s what you do when your daughter walks in with her report card.

To me, giving data a soul, is feeling your customer behaviour in those numbers.

Side Note: When you start giving soul to data, it makes you a better marketer, leader, parent and a person.

Humans and Things

I heard a very interesting note the other day. “God or nature made humans to be loved and things to be used. Interestingly and increasingly, we are using humans and ending up loving things.”

As a marketer, where’s your primary focus? As an entrepreneur, what metrics are looking at every day?

More often than not, its numbers on your scorecard or analytics dashboard. Daily numbers are becoming paramount for everyone. Data has to be objective. Anything subjective can wait. 

Side Note: Will the way you look at your daily activities change any bit if you paid heed to the above bolded lines?

That’s too Pricey

If you launched a new eCom store or heading marketing for one of them, and worried that your cost per acquisition is high, this viewpoint might help.

When you start shopping at a particular store a couple of times, your affinity towards that store increases. Repeated shopping (I am not even talking about getting delighted as yet) gets this feeling deep-rooted into your lizard brain. 

One of my friend talks about this citing his example “When I shop at stores, I have definite places in mind that I visit and buy at. When I translate this to my online shopping, again, I have clear preferences. For ex: flipkart for books and movies, babyoye.com for baby shopping, zoomin for my photography interests etc.”

I guess as a marketer, as long as you understand the brand message that you want to drive into your audience’s lizard brain, the excercise though pricey might pay off.

Side Note: Getting the message right and the consistency in delivering it is paramount. 

Meet more People

As a marketer who have been immensely benefited with various interactions, this is my biggest recommendation, ‘Meet more People.’

And be candid about things that you don’t know. ‘I don’t know’ is such a powerful tool and there’s a wealth of knowledge in waiting when you take this approach.

Side Note: Be prudent with your deductions from these meetings.

You don’t Talk

Let the world do the talking.

On my way to home, ‘Why this Kolavari’ was playing on radio. Though I was hearing it for umpteenth time, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The song finished and the RJ mentioned about yet another number that was breaking records. The song was from Agneepath (and if you are thinking of ‘Chikni Chameli,’ sorry to disappoint you). The number was ‘Deva Sree Ganesha.’ Incidentally, I heard the song earlier today and the number could not grasp my attention for more than a few seconds. Chances are that you might have not heard of it either or did not hear through it.

Piggy backing on a popular number, that was pure selling to me. Whoever was the marketer, he was doing a decent job.

That also got me thinking about the choice that entrepreneurs/creators of today have. Choice of creating that one thing that is worth talking about.

Side Note: As a marketer, I might go jobless, but that would be a small sacrifice.

Makes no Sense

and it will not yeild any results (at least not meaningful ones).

As a marketer, the biggest challenge is how you narrate the story. The storyline remains the same (more or less). The storytelling part is where your expertise sets in and you might not get it right everytime. No wonder that not all movies can keep the box offices ringing.

There are two learnings that you take home in such cases:
1. That should not stop you from trying new ways of narrating your story, and more importantly
2. Please don’t blame your audience.

Side Note: Some misfires do work, but you don’t get lucky everytime.

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