As you turn 12…

Dearest 1st Born,

You are now a year away from officially getting into your teens. You must be excited and I am already planning on how to celebrate this. Why don’t we do it this way? As a build up to this celebration, I have 12 wishes for you on your 12th birthday. We could work on this┬átogether for the next 12 months.

#1 Explore Hinduism as a way of life (not as a religion) – I will join you
#2 Meditate and mindfulness – I will guide you
#3 Discover your mother tongue – I will help you
#4 Build your bookreview channel – I will co-create with you
#5 Realize ‘Live and let live’ – I will let you express freely
#6 Bug your lil bro – I will join you
#7 Build new music notes – I will hear you
#8 Throw your tantrums and mood swings at me – I will bear you
#9 Bond with old and pick some new friends – I will push you forward
#10 Make more mistakes and fail or fall – I will watch your back
#11 Be a little more generous – I will support you
#12 Lastly, whatever you do ‘Be You’ – I will be proud of you.

You were the first person who brought tears and smiles at the same time for the first time in my life. Thanks for everything.

Happy birthday my dearest First Born ­čÖé

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