Death winked at Me

I got up from a nightmare (or so I thought) where death winked at me.

It was surreal with a beautiful girl (I am still not sure if I should count this as a dream or a nightmare) standing in a corner and waiting to grab my attention. When I did look at her, she had death written even in her smile.

After I got up, neither was I wasn’t able to shake it off (like my many other dreams) nor was I able to stop myself from pondering on these thoughts:

– Do I learn more or teach more?
– Do I speak more or listen more?
– Do I smile more or make others smile?
– Do I react more or I help more?
– Do I run ahead or walk slowly?
– Do I frown more or meditate more?
– Do I help businesses make more money or give my family more memories?
– Do I gulp multiples of scotch or drown myself in books and my articles?
– Do I reply to Whatsapp messages or pick up and call my old buddies?
– Do I watch a sitcom so I sound updated or watch my favorite Hrishikesh Mukherjee or Jandhyala’s movie?

I will pull myself up and find answers to these and many other similar questions but my question to all of you – ‘will you be lucky to get away with just a wink?’

Side Note: I always believed that you need to experience something to believe it and this was no different. The difference has to be in how I react to this now.


Change the Question

“What would I attempt to do if I knew that I could not fail?”

“What’s worth doing even if I fail?”

Side Note: If you are still not getting to the right question, just follow up your choice by asking yourself, ‘Why?’

36 years Wise


When you are able to see beyond:
– a call at 12 AM from your childhood friend to be the first to wish you (inspite of knowing he has very bleak chances)
– your otherwise Orthodox mom breaks her prayer to give you a special hug and does a special prayer for you
– your kids leave clues in birthday cards to lead to their hand-picked gifts for you
– your WhatsApp notifications just stop from being silent
– your half of the day goes in replying to Facebook wishes
– your security guy remembers your birthday and wishes you with a big smile and a hesitant hug
– your team at work honors you in more than one way
– your frenemies dump the differences to call and wish you

…hold to that thought. Take pride in the fact that you touched these souls. The magnitude might differ but the fact remains.

Side Note: There’s a pretty strong reason why I feel I am 36 years wise (versus old), and the reason is YOU. Thanks for your love and support through the way.

Don’t blame Ego

So, I asked my ego, “Am I not right, good and just; shouldn’t I command my space and power.” My ego replied, “Perhaps you are and perhaps you should, but are you the only one?” 

It beats me beyond just surprise and despair when I see people around me who are bigger than me by age (more than by height and grey hair) viciously licking their egos to get back at you or never understanding the true meaning of letting go.

I walked down the memory lane to see why I was different. I wasn’t any different say 10 years ago. As I grew and met more people (thankfully a lot of interesting folks) I was humbled. I realised that I am but a mere speck in this world. Even when I shrunk my ecosystem to my family, friends and acquaintances, I personally had no chance, let alone my ego.

Side Note: There are more people out there are who are silently going about creating an impact (and positive one). If you can’t create one, don’t comment, specifically on others’ actions. 

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