Solve or LetGo

I do wish you are prescient in the right way as well #ShashiTharoor

Make no mistake for my endearment to Shashi Tharoor, as I am a big fan of him. That is probably why I felt and reacted this way. My cerebration activated with this exchange of vocable, could not but draw parallels to leadership qualities here.

What kind of a leader are you or what kind of a leader do you look up to?

When you reach out to your leader/mentor/coach/guide, are you looking for a solution or a direction to solving a problem or criticism of how bad the situation, that you got in to yourself, is?

I also could not stop tweeting this adage – “People don’t care how much you know unless they know that you care.”

Side Note: I do believe that Shashi Tharoor can do much more good if he stayed out of politics. I wish he gets prescient for himself.

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