Early startup Days

When your assumptions as an entrepreneur start failing, the urge is to either sound (and hopefully) stay positive or take a step back and take stock of reality.

Are you trying hard to prove your assumptions right. Stop it and stop it right now. Acceptance of failure has been the best lesson to success. You have to accept that shit has hit the roof, pull up your sleeves, clean it up and start all over again.

What I have always liked about entrepreneurship is ‘it’ challenges the real you. It asks the true character in you to come out and face the reality. Crisis humbles all your achievements so far and you are ready (hopefully) to start the journey all over again.

Personally, the journey itself has been rewarding than the goal itself.

Side Note: I’ve always seen similarities between entrepreneurship and dating your girl. You don’t walk out because you’ve been elusive of the first kiss (surely won’t after you get it).

Nothing instant is Good

No matter what your health goals are, instant food is never the solution.

It surprises me on how startups (even now) believe that instant funding or instant customer growth can help you sustain a brand or a business.

Side Note: Its ‘long term value’ that you are creating in the market with your start up, not how soon you are making an exit.


Lunch with Engineer

Go and share a meal with your engineer.

Sit with the call agent and hear his call.

Spend an hour and build ad copy for your digital campaigns.

Wish the guy who gets your coffee, lunch, and water.

Be at it constantly and consistently, and see the magic unveil that will bring your dream to reality.

Side Note: Your employees, are your biggest resource. Invest in them, not just money, but something that is more valuable to them – your time.

Your comfort Zone

That’s where magic happens. That’s where you gain power to dream of changing the world or creating a new one altogether.

It can’t be any different for others in your team or home. You can’t expect your wife to be the master at running home, taking care of your kids, and run her own little home business unless you create a comfort zone.

Next time you raise your voice against anyone, ask this question to yourself, “Did you create a comfort zone for him/her to perform?” If not, then you are to blamed more than anyone else.

Side Note: The challenge, however, is ‘How do you create a comfort zone and yet ensure people don’t get too comfy?’

I hate Rules

Especially when they curtail my freedom to do the right thing. That’s probably why I feel startups are a lot of fun.

Think about it, you actually broke rules to start your own gig.

Side Note: Should it be any different for your team? 


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