Numbers vs People

Spend 6 minutes on this video (its in an Indian language – Hindi), think about it and action it for your team, business, and life. The  crux (for people who are short on time) is from 2:04 secs to 2:48 secs.

Companies who understood this and actioned it continue to be discussed as case studies.


Side Note: Companies that have ignored it are also discussed as case studies (for obvious reasons).


Your comfort Zone

That’s where magic happens. That’s where you gain power to dream of changing the world or creating a new one altogether.

It can’t be any different for others in your team or home. You can’t expect your wife to be the master at running home, taking care of your kids, and run her own little home business unless you create a comfort zone.

Next time you raise your voice against anyone, ask this question to yourself, “Did you create a comfort zone for him/her to perform?” If not, then you are to blamed more than anyone else.

Side Note: The challenge, however, is ‘How do you create a comfort zone and yet ensure people don’t get too comfy?’

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