Don’t blame Ego

So, I asked my ego, “Am I not right, good and just; shouldn’t I command my space and power.” My ego replied, “Perhaps you are and perhaps you should, but are you the only one?” 

It beats me beyond just surprise and despair when I see people around me who are bigger than me by age (more than by height and grey hair) viciously licking their egos to get back at you or never understanding the true meaning of letting go.

I walked down the memory lane to see why I was different. I wasn’t any different say 10 years ago. As I grew and met more people (thankfully a lot of interesting folks) I was humbled. I realised that I am but a mere speck in this world. Even when I shrunk my ecosystem to my family, friends and acquaintances, I personally had no chance, let alone my ego.

Side Note: There are more people out there are who are silently going about creating an impact (and positive one). If you can’t create one, don’t comment, specifically on others’ actions. 

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