Happy holidays Everyone

I am trying to relax, vacationing with my family and friends in a coastal area of India. Couple of amusing experiences so far:

A plate of Chicken Biryani – 350 gms (wait, how do I know how many grams will help as one serving)
Booked my tickets on Indian Railways in a train called Garibrath (Poor man’s chariot). For a difference of INR 200/- we were shoved in to coach with 3 berths (2 on the side is inconvenient).
Shopping time – shop for 5000/- get a pop up of 600/-, but shop for another 1200/- to avail the pop up (excuse me, but I am happy shopping for my needs. If you want to offer a discount on that, then I am coming back).
Taxi says that the broker is going to rip me off so he’s going to charge only 75% extra (than the actual cost) towards his honesty.

I reflected on my recent promotional campaign:
New Year Offer – 250 Bonus Chips for the first 1000 unique logins that allow you to play a cash table and win real cash (don’t think too much, there are no strings attached). 

Happy Holidays Everyone!





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