Lunch with Engineer

Go and share a meal with your engineer.

Sit with the call agent and hear his call.

Spend an hour and build ad copy for your digital campaigns.

Wish the guy who gets your coffee, lunch, and water.

Be at it constantly and consistently, and see the magic unveil that will bring your dream to reality.

Side Note: Your employees, are your biggest resource. Invest in them, not just money, but something that is more valuable to them – your time.


Doubt is good But…

..we doubt love.

..we doubt honesty.

..we doubt loyalty.

..we doubt the existence of good in humanity.

Interestingly, we do not doubt the opposites.

Side Note: Doubt your disbelief that people are good, that good will prevail and see how good doubt(ing) is.


Hey, you Investor,…

…just stop investing, if

1. you really believe that excels drive business to the decimal points. My Two Cents: When was the last time you were practical.

2. you think that passion and passion alone can let startups survive month after month without a peanut being earned by the team. My Two Cents: Live a day on peanuts and then lets talk.

3. you think you can use your tranche to muscle out an extra benefit that you are ethically, morally or legally not entitled to. My Two Cents: How did you miss the point that your earlier tranches could be at stake? 

4. you expect things in a lean startup to happen the way they happen in powerhouses and established organizations. My Two Cents: Be our guest for just one day.

Clearly, I am not talking about all investors and no I am not Rahul Yadav. One question that irks me though – why do you only get excited by valuations. Look at building a business, a brand or a culture for which you would not just get your multiple, but also a page in history.

Side Note: If you can’t care enough for your portfolio company’s employees, vendors, and customers (let alone founders), maybe FDs are better investment vehicles for you. 


One word #Resilience

I bumped in to this article about Monica Phromsavanh and it blew me away. Apart from the fact that this is a story that every human being (regardless of him being a professional or not, entrepreneur or not) must read, it showed me the power of resilience.

How many times have you been snubbed?

How many times have you been shown the door?

How many times have you been hurt, emotionally (not just physically)?

How many times have you been denied your due?

How many times did your own write you off?

You should only adopt one reaction to it – resilience.

Side Note: Don’t define your success by how high you climb. Define it by how high you bounce when you hit rock bottom. I need to believe in this – now more than ever before.



Wrong choice Made

First off, sorry for the long hiatus. Will surely try and kick this habit out.

Jumping right in, what do you when you realize you made a wrong choice. (Of course, its always a choice. Life always gives you a choice and it depends on what you choose.)

No, I am not talking about what would you do to come back to normalcy. You got a question in March and you failed. You get the same question in September. What will you do?

The answer to my first question (in bold) lies in what you learnt between March and September.

Side Note: Go make those wrong choices as long as you are learning. They are probably your best teachers.



WoW, don’t Hack!

Shipping mediocre stuff is a hack, not a WOW.

Your customers are looking to be wowed, not hacked. Build your success, targets, and recognitions around ‘WOWs’ and not how well your teams have hacked (your customer).

Side Note: Growth can be hacked, but culture, values, brand, (you know where I am heading), etc can’t be.