Answers by an Entrepreneur!

As a follow up to my yesterday’s post, here are the answers that I gave.

1.What made you to embark on the entrepreneurial journey?
No other journey sounded more fun. It was and is my tool to know me better and challenge me constantly.
2.How did you get this idea?
Ideas are everywhere. They lie in the most complex solutions. Simplify them and you have a great opportunity. Note: You need to be in the system to identify them.
3.How much was your initial investment?
A lot of time and passion was the true investment that I put in. On the financial side, it was about 3 months survival for 4 people which was INR 200,000/-.
4.What were the ups and downs through the journey?
Confidence and the way it went high and low.
5.What are your future plans?
Revamp and re-emerge continuously to break your benchmarks in having fun.
6.As a entrepreneur, what is your message to aspiring entrepreneurs?
Confidence, commonsense and ability to have fun are the 3 must haves for any entrepreneur. Understand the difference between being an entrepreneur and a successful businessman.


On that note, please feel free to add your own answers.

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  1. Very well put Rahul:-) Being inside the system to understand and then simply things is def a great learning process which comes by ‘doing’ things and taking decisions.

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