Nothing is Lost

Remember what your 3rd grade teacher told you – “Daydreaming is a waste of time.” Ignore her. You pretty much know the reason by now, but its time you remember that mind wandering aids creative incubation.

If you are still reading this, you either have an interest in psychology or at some point in time were a daydreamer (like me and oh, I love it). But if you are former, sorry, but I am no big psychologist myself so you are not getting any dope here, but if you are latter then its time you start doing it all over again.

To quote Abdul Kalam (ex-President of India), “dream, coz dreams turn in to thoughts and thoughts in to actions. For any entreperneur or a marketer, this can be your definite source for the next big idea. As Henry James is repeatedly quoted, a writer is someone on whom ‘nothing is lost.’

Side Note: When I look at my kids wandering off in to their world of dreams, I curtail everyone around them to snap them out of it. I am sure their world is more beautiful than the real one outside.

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