I am 35

..and honestly, its just a number.

I am 35 and you might still see me getting excited about something that is disruptive and I might get all psyched up at the vague chance of being a part of it.

A lot of people questioned me around my uncertainty, longevity (with a specific idea), stability, etc. Thanks to them for making me look hard at myself. I realized that I am a guy with a growth mindset and my head refuses to believe that I am a ‘know all.’ If learning is constant for me and is keeping me unsettled, so be it.

As psychologist Carol Dweek says, “If you believe that the qualities defining you are carved in stone, you will be stuck trying to prove then over and over again, regardless of the circumstances. But if you have a growth mindset, you believe the qualities that define you can be modified and cultivated through effort.”

I put mine, and you? You don’t have to give in to any pressure.

Side Note: 20, 35, 45, 60 are just numbers. Picking from Ford’s aphorisms, “anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.”

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