Thank you Customer

I’ve been giving you a great experience so far, and I admit (and apologize) there was a slip-up this time around. You went on the web to talk about how horrible I’ve been (even though you never thanked me earlier) – Thank you Customer.

You know and understand that there are factors that affect the overall experience and some of them are outside our control. Yet you blame me and only me, again and again – Thank you Customer.

You blame your customers when they crib for small things and you immediately pick your phone and start cribbing as a customer – Thank you Customer.

You know nothing comes for free in this world (including birth and death), yet your objective when you call a (toll-free) customer-care number is to get something free, even if its just a gift wrapping service – Thank you Customer.

Thank you customer, but you made me believe that servicing you is just not worth it. So thanks, but no thanks!

Side Note: If you are the ‘I,’ you must be nodding to this, but remember before you say those three words, make sure you proved your intent of being there for the customer first.

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