Data with a Soul

There is so much of data around data these days. World is also welcoming the data becoming bigger (pun intended).

What does it really do to us? What sense do we make of it? How and why should we even be looking at it?

There are a lot theories around how you go about looking, analyzing and acting on the data, but as a marketer and to an extent a brand story teller, I think the need of the hour is data having a soul. What does it even mean (must be the obvious question)?

It’s taking a step back to look at every possible way to make sense of these numbers glaring at you to tell you a story beyond the normal insights. For example, do you look beyond the bounce rate to see why do half of your audience not like what you’ve put up. It’s what you do when your daughter walks in with her report card.

To me, giving data a soul, is feeling your customer behaviour in those numbers.

Side Note: When you start giving soul to data, it makes you a better marketer, leader, parent and a person.

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